O&M Profiler -

Pensions Profiler

Pensions Profiler originally launched in July 1995 on the cover of Money Management. Since then the system has been continually developed. In early 2013 the system became part of the O&M Profiler suite of products. 

Pension Reviews - Pensions Profiler enables a comparison of a client's existing pension plan against the other major products available in the market place.

The system can produce comparisons based on a range of growth rates to match those used by the existing scheme including industry standard, non-standard, a combination or Statutory Money Purchase Illustration (SMPI) rates.

Results can show consolidating multiple existing plans into one, or each plan in isolation. Pensions Profiler will calculate a critical yield, charts fund performance and produces a powerful, yet concise client friendly switching report to support your recommendation. In addition, the system pre-populates information seamlessly into the FSA pension switching advice suitability template to form part of your audit trail. 

New Business Projections - The system can assist in researching and identifying the most appropriate product for your client based on specific premiums or to assess the level of contribution required to achieve a client's desired income at retirement.

Comparisons can be run using a single common growth rate on a like for like basis or be run using fund specific growth rates depending on the underlying funds selected.

Powerful cost of delay graphs can be created to demonstrate the need to start planning for retirement sooner rather than later. 

RU64 Report - Compare your chosen product with a generic stakeholder plan in one report to assist in documenting your compliance with RU64. 

Pension Top-Ups - Adjust comparisons to take account of any existing fund for tiering purposes and ensure the correct charges are used.

Lower Growth Rates - Produce comparisons that accurately reflect the lower growth rates used by individual providers for cash and fixed interest funds.

Past Performance - A comprehensive database of pension fund performance provided by Morningstar is available to support your recommendation.

With-Profits - A vast amount of with-profits information is available, including detailed reports from AKG Actuaries and Consultants Limited. Access with-profits performance data including actual payout results, annual bonus rates and unitised fund movements. Export asset allocation pie charts to illustrate the level of exposure to various investment sectors.

Product Sourcing - Use product sourcing to identify products that offer particular features relevant to your client.

Investment Portfolios - Create Investment Portfolios to reflect your client's investment attitudes and ensure the appropriate charges are applied to comparisons.

Adviser Charge Flexibility - Full adviser charge flexibility for both single and regular premium business in all areas of the system.